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Welcome to the Iodination Consultancy Group. We are a consultancy service for science professionals involved in the field of radioiodinations. We have over 45 years of combined experience in every aspect of iodination work and are well placed to offer professional and reliable advice.
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With over 45 years combined experience in the field of radioiodinations, we are well placed to train novice iodination chemists and equip them with the theoretical and practical skills necessary to perform reliable iodinations and most importantly, in forming a usable end-product with a maximum shelf-life. Training consultations (and all other consultations) can be carried out via Skype or WebEx on a one to one basis or as a group at a mutually agreed time.

Labelling procedure development

Utilising our expertise knowledge and experience of labelling with 125I, we can help you identify the most efficient way of labelling your substrate; whether it is an existing substrate or a custom made peptide or protein sequence. Once we have analysed the structure of the substrate and evaluated it’s suitability for labelling, we can formulate the best type of reaction necessary (click here) to yield a stable and usable end-product. Depending on the quantity of radioactive product required, we will design a labelling procedure that includes exact quantities of each reagent to be used during the reaction, length of reaction (usually only a few seconds but up to one hour) along with the information below.

Purification procedure development

Once a labelling method and procedure has been identified, the next step is to devise a suitable purification procedure for the reaction mix using liquid chromatography. Purification of the reaction mix depends on a multitude of factors, but because of our existing experience in the purification techniques required for hundreds of reaction mixes, we can quickly assign a suitable purification procedure for yielding an end-product of 90-99% radiochemical purity (RCP).

Final product formulation development

The final step of the labelling process is the final product formulation (liquid, frozen liquid, freeze-dried etc….). Shelf-life, biological and radiochemical stability is entirely dependent on how the labelled product behaves under certain storage conditions and on what type of formulation is used for its long-term storage. We have been directly involved in stability studies for hundreds of labelled substrates and can therefore identify and predict the best formulation and storage conditions for any labelled compound.

Troubleshooting and after-service support

Of course, some labelled substrates may not function as well as the native (unlabelled) substrate in certain biological applications. As part of our service, we would aim to help you ‘tweak’ any of the  conditions above or offer an alternative labelling method in an attempt to achieve the most biologically active and stable end-product. In some rare cases, there are some substrates that are extremely difficult or even impossible to label using 125I, and even if they do label efficiently, there is still a risk that they are not stable or do not perform adequately in the desired application. In such cases, we would do our utmost to warn against attempting to label.


Each substrate for labelling contains unique properties and so please contact us for an estimate of the cost per labelling project. Alternatively, we can offer a consultancy based retainer package that is ideally suited to your requirements based on your predicted usage of our service.

Because we are entirely independent, you will find that our costs are a fraction of those for services offered by the larger multi-national corporations.


Payment methods include:  5e1833666e0beb652485fc2018abdf78PayPal (most major CC’s), direct bank transfer.


All advice given is based on previous experience and intimate knowledge in the field of radioiodinations, however, cases exist where the inability to label a substrate consists of factors beyond our control, for example; individual laboratory techniques of scientists, environmental conditions, quality of reagents and equipment suitability etc….

In addition, we DO NOT offer any safety tips or advice in the handling of radioactive substances as it is assumed that all procedures will be carried out on licensed premises by trained and certified radiation workers. Different rules and regulations exist in different countries and regions so therefore, we do not accept any responsibility for any violations of these rules or regulations.