Iodination Consultancy Group | Our Team
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Our Team

Mark Freeman (Technical Consultant and founder)

Mark is a radiochemist with over 19 years experience in the radioiodination field and in the Quality Control Testing (purity and biological activity) of radioiodinated compounds. Mark is skilled in radioiodination techniques and subsequent purification methods including HPLC, FPLC, SEC, ion-exchange, affinity chromatography, gel-filtration and TLC.

Mark has experience in the radio-labelling of over 2,500 different substrates including ligands, proteins/peptides and chemicals. Mark is also proficient in the authoring and proofreading/editing of technical SOPs pertaining to radioiodinations, QC protocols, radioactive compound handling and waste disposal. Mark has worked for GE Healthcare (formerly Amersham International/Amersham Pharmacia Biotech) and before leaving GE, Mark was the section manager for the Iodine Labelled Ligands department that provided radioiodinated compounds to the worldwide market.

Anne-Marie Rossmeisl (Technical Consultant)

Anne-Marie is a Consulting chemist providing expertise in various chemistry disciplines; however, her primary field of knowledge is in radioiodination techniques and corresponding HPLC purifications. She also has knowledge of biology and biochemistry. Skilled in radiation safety and handling of radioisotopes, specifically 125I and 131I.

Technical abilities: Chemistry consulting as well as any other scientific consulting project work. 14 years experience in the radioiodination chemistry field and can provide expertise to researchers in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry who may have questions/problems to solve pertaining to labelling compounds with 125I or 131I. Has a vast knowledge of radioiodination techniques and subsequent HPLC purification methods. In addition, Anne-marie is competent in how to handle radioactive materials (dose, decay rates, waste handling, instrumentation, etc…). In addition, she has experience in technical writing for procedures and protocols. Also proficient in performing Internet and literature searches, competent in providing editorial advice on technical data and skilled in reviewing research plans and protocols.