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Welcome to the Iodination Consultancy Group! We are a consultancy group that aims to serve anyone in the scientific community who is involved in the field of iodinations using the x-ray/gamma-emitting isotope 125I. We offer a range of services from method development through to advice on radioactive handling procedures and waste management.
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Guidance through the stages of radioiodinations

Expert Analysis

Labelling / Purification Method Identification


Get the right advice when you need it

Ongoing Support

Ensuring you get the most stable product

What we do

We are specialized in tailored strategic advisory services. We provide our customers with strong scientific expertise in iodination techniques, liquid chromatography (RP/NP HPLC, FPLC, SEC, ion-exchange, dialysis and affinity), SOP authoring, best practice for the handling and disposal of radioactive isotopes. Our focus is clinical/regulatory consulting for the Life Sciences/ Healthcare industry with strong scientific content.